Reasserting U.S. Leadership in Microelectronics

– The Role of Universities

Education and workforce development

Academic infrastructure

Technology translation, startups and intellectual property


Regional networks

U.S. strength in semiconductor technology and fabrication is vital to U.S. economic and national security interests.” ¹

Microelectronics underpin our modern information society. The extraordinary progress that we have witnessed in health, communications, computation, energy, transportation and so many other areas of human endeavor stem from the revolutionary advancements of microelectronics technologies over the last 50 years. The unrivaled leadership of the U.S. in microelectronics since its inception has brought enormous economic progress to our nation. That commanding role, however, has eroded over time. As leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing capacity has dramatically dwindled in the U.S., concerns about vulnerable supply chains have come to the fore. This realization has prompted a deep examination of the entire ecosystem in which microelectronics thrives. This website aims to contribute to the synthesis of a national vision for the role of universities as part of an ambitious holistic drive for the U.S. to reassert its leadership in microelectronics.